Playlist: 2013

So the new year is here and 2013 is over and done.  This past week I made my podcast début on Single Simulcast with André and podcaster Kai Love. The host Rashanii asked all of us what we considered our album of the year.  It took me a while to decide and I’m still wondering if I made the correct choice.

In prepping for the show I went to my iTunes and looked to see what songs were played the most, then looked at the top rated.  All the songs that were from albums that came out in 2013 made it to the list.  Then I thought back to what album I revisited the most throughout the year.  I’m not going to say what I named as my album of the year, because like I said I’m still teetering on the fence.  I will say that there was plenty of “ratchetry” in my rotation this year.  The following playlist is what kept me going all of 2013.


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