BOLO: Black and Sexy TV

I have an obsession with youtube web series. I could watch them all day. There are entire channels dedicated to whatever you want to watch. About two years ago I started watching a show called The Couple on Black&Sexy.TV channel.  Back then they only put out short mini-episodes, but I was still hooked. Eventually they would have more shows including, The Number, Hello Cupid, That Guy and one of my favorites RoomieLoverFriends.  Founder Dennis Dortch, along with Numa Perrier, Brian Ali Harding, and Jeanine Daniels have created a network that reflects an aspect of modern progressive black young adults that a lot of my peers have been looking for on television. Recently they have teamed up with HBO to have The Couple as a HBO network series. They recently had a pay-per-view event for one of their most entertaining shows Hello Cupid, and are embarking on a subscription based model similar to netflix.

One of the best things about Black&Sexy shows are the soundtracks.  I’ve found a lot of great artist via their programming including Ari Lennox, DAJ, and Allegra Dolores.  The network recently released a free mixtape for their series That Guy, featuring Tiffany Gouche, Richard Wright and others. I encourage everyone to not only try their shows, but also check out their soundtracks. Much of their music can be found on their music page




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