Playlist: Spring Fever

Hey folk! I know I’ve been MIA for the past month but I’m officially back.  I have  a few post in the queue I’m working on and they’ll be ready for you soon enough.  Meanwhile I’ve enjoyed the weather and all that this season brings. There are so many things I love about this time of year.  The cold has worn out its welcome and now it’s time to peel off some layers and “ride around and get it.”  Spring demands that I go for long rides, and take the scenic route to all of my destinations. Now while many consider this the time to ditch their winter time “cuddle buddies,” to me, it’s just the opposite.

This is the time of year that everything is fresh, new and blooming.  You might walk with an  extra pep in your step and brighter smile, and with the days being much longer you have the perfect equation to get with your love and chill. So, you need a soundtrack to ride around and cruise the town with your potential new boo?  Here it is, songs perfect for a long Sunday drive, especially in the season of blooming love.




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