Playlist: Blue-eyed Soul

I listen to podcast every day and within the last few months 3 Guys On has become on of my favorites.  Comedians Randolph Terrance, Tim Miller, and Andy Kline put out a show twice covering pop culture, news, their personal lives and whatever else happens to pop up in their heads that day. Often times music comes up and on the latest episode “Hearts On Fire” a very brief discussion of  “Michael Bolton or Michael McDonald kill soul music” came. They made a point to say clear that McDonald was soulful and Bolton seemed to take soul lessons in.  Then I heard the crew from The Shiznit Show, another new favorite in my podcast, have a Dave Chappelle style race draft some of which traded black artist for melanin  challenged ones.

All of this made me think of a playlist I made a while ago, with soul and RnB cuts from artist with phenotypes that might surprise you. This is an ongoing playlist, as I am always adding to it and thinking of artist that should be added or removed, but here it is for you all to enjoy. “Blue Eyed Soul”






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