Playlist: Hanging with Momma

You ever get caught at a light when someone rolls up on you and catches you singing your heart out to your favorite throw back jam? You know the look they give you? Well, when my mom and I get together with a song on our hearts we are bound to get that look. Now, it could be a look of “aww they’re so cute,”or “they’re crazy” or even “what the heck is going on, are they serious?” but we have gotten them all.

Some songs, for example the bridge to “Baby Come to Me” by Patti Austin and James Ingram, are just built for belting. Recently we’ve been caught singing (or screaming depending on which neighbor you talk to) loud as day in the front yard with no regard or reason. When I was younger the car rides were the best. Let a duet come on and we’d turn into the mother daughter version of BeBe and CeCe or Ashford and Simpson. Oh and let’s not forget the theme songs and musicals numbers that are always on the tip of our tongues. Older people still wonder how I know the theme to the Patty Duke Show, blame my momma.

A few months ago I was listening to rdio and had it set to pay random songs from my collection. Howard Hewett’s “I Commit to Love” came on and many memories came up. I loved this song and the entire album (well cassette tape). I think it’s one of the first tapes I “stole” from my mother. I’m pretty sure I played it far more than she did. Random childhood nuggets have been popping in my head since being reminded of the Hewett album, so I put together a playlist of songs that my mom and I get silly to or just make me think of hanging with her. Here it is. . .


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