While I was listening to music for my last post, I realized how much I lean towards music that uses live instrumentation. Of course most self proclaimed music snobs would say that, but I’m certainly not opposed to synthesizers or electric music. But I narrowed it down when writing the last blog post. It’s not just acoustic music gets me hype, it’s the horns and percussion. A great horn section and a the right percussion will can bring out any song. I think this goes back to my marching band days. There is nothing like the energy you get from motivating a crowd and vibeing with fellow musicians. When arranged properly live instrumentation is powerful and dynamic.

A while back, the great music exchange crew and I made a “Live” playlist challenge. The task was to make a playlist with 10, just 10, of your favorite live recordings. I’ll admit that some of the crew had a few songs that I would’ve had on their playlist, so I didn’t add them to my list. I think I still managed to put together a decent list, even with the limitations of Spotify. So here are my picks.


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  1. I’m a sucker for horns as well, from tuba to trumpet, a good trumpet stab gives me goosebumps every time. My contemporary go to songs always seem to have some kind of live instrument sample holding it down. Music is the sound track of our lives… Dick Clark said that! 😉

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