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A few weeks ago I was listening to The Shiznit Show podcast and they posed the question “What’s your favorite song by Prince from another artist?” They are just as much of fans of Prince as I am and answered came up with some great selections.

I’ve thought about doing answering a similar question on this blog, but I’ve always been to scared of the Prince police. I won’t do my usual comparisons using the Prince versions, but what I will do is post some of my favorite and obscure Prince covers.

Crazy You – Thom Hell

Crazy You – Zo! feat Sy Smith

Do Me, Baby – Sister Sonny

Under the Cherry Moon – Morten Qvenild

Something in the Water (Does Not Compute) – Sold Out

Darling Nikki – Purple Rain Deluxe

Shhh – Tevin Campbell


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2 thoughts on “Prince Covers

  1. I remember my older sister had the purple rain cassette tape, and I would listen to it on my way to and from school. I remember specifically feeling nervous when Darling Nikki would start playing because I thought it was grown up music, and that grown ups would able to hear the song through the big orange phoamy things resting on my ears, and this would somehow get me in trouble. Then I started listening to Twisted Sister.

    1. Clove I use to be scared of Prince. That “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. I only came to have some fun” opening on 1999 had me shook for a few years

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