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Exactly one year ago today, I walked away from a conversation with a former co-worker and decided that would be the day. I had toyed with the idea of a music blog and what I would do with it. I had already picked a name and had the domain for a almost a month, but one good conversation and hard push lead me to drafted my first post on Fela and Beyonce. One year and close to 40 post later, I’ve gained a few followers, “met” some cool folks, and thanks to you was nomination for a Black Weblog Award for Best Music Blog. I appreciate each person that has taken the time to read, promote and/or support my efforts here. Two of my favorite podcasters and supporters were also nominated for a Black Weblog Award for Best Podcast. My play uncle Dino Red and his crew at The Shiznit Show, and my little brother Aaron B and his Black Astronauts family. The first of two rounds of voting starts today and runs until October 14. I urge you to head over to The Black Weblog Awards and not only vote for me, but check out these podcast and vote in their category as well.

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