Video Killed the. . .?

Last week one of my favorite artist of all time dropped a new album. In Another Life is Bilal’s fourth studio release (fifth is you count the shelved but heavily bootlegged Love for Sale project). He also released a video for his single “Money Over Love” featuring Kendrick Lamar. I was so geeked about the video I started to post it to social media halfway through watching it but stopped and watched it in it’s entirety. By the end of the footage I was left starring at the the screen like ‘what the heck?’ it had happened again. Once again an R&B video had got me with the okee doke. You remember hearing and loving a song on the radio and then finding out it was about something else? Or watching a video and it changes everything about the dang song as you knew it? Below are the top videos from my heyday that caught everyone off guard when they first watched it.
Check out the Bilal Video first though.

Bilal’s – Money Over Love


Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me

This one didn’t goes with the song and it’s really not a “surprise” per se, however I was still in elementary school when this song came out and as literal as the song was, I didn’t realize they were paranoid and fighting them selves.


Dru Hill’s – In My Bed

Everyone lives here, but poor Sisqo. . . his girl got a girlfriend.

Eric Roberson’s – Still

I love this song. I loved it for a good two years before I watched the video. Brace yourself though, you won’t think of the song the same way again.

Aaron Hall’s – “I Miss You”

The epitome of sad ass videos. Pretty sure Eric was channelling this joint when he thought of his video concept. Everyone was feeling sorry for Aaron when they first heard this song. The video though! If you weren’t sad about how she left, you certainly got choked up with him raising that baby at the end.


What video took you for a loop?


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