Digging Discography is a blog created by an extreme music fan. Growing up I always had records in the house but they were somewhat off-limits to me as a little kid. Sometime around 1990 the idea of liner notes began to make sense to me. My uncle came back home from the reserves training with a carrier full of cassettes. Initially I only paid attention to album covers to learn lyrics. Later I started paying attention to writers, producers and other comments. When I spent time with older family members or went away to music camp, I would hear music that resembled things I was already listening to and I’d always try to connect dots. This blog is all about that. Connecting musical dots and discovering new music. Hopefully you’ll learn something new about your favorite song or artist, and feel the urge to dig deeper into your music collection.


I am a child of the 80s and teen of the 90s that grew up mostly listening to hip-hop and R&B. Despite hip-hop and R&B being the mainstay on my personal radio, I lived in a house with my mom that loves musicals, a grandpa that is into jazz, a grandma fond of gospel and an uncle who was all about everything awkward. I think my cousin was the only on in the house that listened to urban pop and top 40. As a very young child I was passionate about music. It didn’t matter if I was singing for random people, going to parades and watching the flashy marching bands with my Godmother, or  observing my uncle and closed friends of the family creating songs and music with whatever instruments were around. I was infatuated by music. As I got older I asked my mom for a keyboard and she made me take piano lessons instead. Later I ended up in band for 12 years, and studying music in college. Along with technical lessons in music and theory, I lived with my headphones (still do), taking in whatever new music is thrown my way.  I started this blog as a way to let others into what I listen to and enjoy.  I also hope to gain more knowledge and discover more artist I haven’t yet put in my collection.

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