Playlist: My Old Mixtapes

A few weeks ago Deidra aka @MsMusicLover put a call out to all the listeners or the Where’s My 40 acres podcast (#WM40a) to put our old mixtapes out on display.  Pretty much everyone has old mix tapes they are ashamed of, no one is perfect. Deidra had questionable choices and just THINKING about some of the songs I know I jammed to, I’m sure my tapes will make me cringe now too. I decided for today’s playlist, I would randomly select a mixtape from my “omg, napster is about to be shut-down” days, and make a playlist with it now.  I chose this era, because it’s one of the few times I didn’t really organize the tape (in this case they were cds) and just threw whatever would fit on a cd-rw on a disc and kept it moving.  I SORT of tried to put them in a groove, but I clearly remember making cds under my college loft from downloaded mp3 of song I thought I’d never find again. I labeled some just hard to find MP3s, the others I made “mixtapes” and named them My CD 1, My CD 2, My CD you won’t believe how far I got.  And for the most part I can remember what’s on at least the first 5.

So now. . . (eeny, meeny, miney, moe)



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